Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate tab

F             C           F
My phone's on vibrate for you 
F      C                F
Electroclash is karaoke too 
F          Gm/f          F
I tried to dance Britney Spears 
F           C             F
I guess I'm getting on in years 

F             C           F
My phone's on vibrate for you 
F              C                   F
God knows what all these new drugs do 
F          Gm/f
I guess to have no more fears 
F           C                F
But still I always end up in tears 

F             C           F
My phone's on vibrate for you 
F           C                     F
But still I never ever feel from you 
F       Gm/f      F
Pinocchio's now a boy 
F            C                F
who wants to turn back into a toy 

   C    F
So call me 
F           Gm/f                    F
Call me the morning, call me in the night 
   C    F
So call me 
F          C         F
Call me anytime you like 

F             C     F
My phone's on viiiibrate 
F   C
For youuu
for you 

Remember to stretch the viiiibrate and youuu in the last verse.

How to play the F. Remember to mute the strings.e|------------------------b|------------------------g|-------2---2------------d|-------3---3------------a|-----3---3---3----------e|-1-------------1--------
Same thing with Ce|------------------------b|------1---1-------------g|------0---0-------------d|----2---2---2-----------a|-3------------3---------e|------------------------
and Gm/f (which probably is supposed to be called something else, but what the hey)e|------------------------b|------3---3-------------g|------3---3-------------d|----0---0---0-----------a|------------------------e|-1------------1---------
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