Rufus Wainwright - Origin Of Love tab

This is a cover from the Hedwig and the angry inch soundtrack

From: "Mark Cunningham"
Subject:  m/misc_soundtrack/hedwig_and_the_angry_inch/
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 00:30:30 -0700

Origin of Love

>From 'Hediwg and the Angry Inch'

	Chord Voicings

D5 D/B Aadd9 G Bm A Em F#m Ab ---------------------3----2---0---0-----2----4-| --3-----3------3-----3----3---2---0-----2----4-| --2-----2------2-----0----4---2---0-----2----5-| --0-----0------2-----0----4---2---2-----4----6-| --------2------0-----2----2---0---2-----4----6-| ---------------------3------------0-----2----4-|
Intro D D/B Aadd9 -----------------|-------------------|--------------------| -------3---------|---------3---------|--------3-----------| ---2-------2---2-|----2--------2---2-|-------------2---2--| -0---0-------0---|------0--------0---|----2----------2----| -----------------|--2----------------|--0---0-------------| -----------------|-------------------|--------------------|
G G/D Gadd6 -----------------|------------------|------------0-----| --------3--------|--------3---------|--------3-------3-| ----0------0---0-|----0-------0---0-|----0-------------| ------0------0---|--0---0-------0---|--0---0-----------| -----------------|------------------|------------------| --3--------------|------------------|------------------|
G (When the Earth...) ------------------------| --------------3---------| ----0---0----------0----| ------0----------0------| ------------------------| ------------------------|
D When the earth .. D/B And the clouds .. Aadd9 And mountains... G Sometimes ... G Folks roamed ... D They had two sets ... F#m G They had two ... Em So they could .... A As they talked; ... G A D And they never knew nothing of love. G A It was before the origin of love. D G D G The origin of love Bm And there were three ... D Glued up back to back, G Called the children of the ... D And similar in... D They looked like two girls G Rolled up in one. A And the children ... Bm Were like a fork... C#m They were part ... A Part daughter, part son. D G D G The origin of love D Now the gods... D/B Of our strength... G And Thor said, G "I'm ... G With my hammer, G Like ... G And... D Use my lightening... F#m Then he grabbed . G And he let ... Em Said, "I'll split them right ... A Gonna cut them right ... G A D And then storm clouds gathered above G Into great balls of fire Bm And then fire... G Of a knife. Bm And it ripped G And the earth. Bm And some Indian god G To remind ... Bm And Osiris ... G Gathered up a big storm Em To blow a hurricane, Bm To scatter us away, G In a flood of wind and rain, Em And a sea of tidal waves, Bm To wash us all away, G And if we don't behave Em They'll cut us down again Ab G And we'll be hopping round on one foot D G And looking through one eye. [Break] PLay Twice
D Em -2---2----0--2-----|0--2--3--2----2h3p2--0-|----3--2--0-----| -3---3----3--3-----|3--3--3--3------3------|----0--0--------| -2---2----2--2-----|2--2--2--2------2------|----0-----------| -0---0----0--0----0|-----------------------|----------------| -------------------|-----------------------|----------------| -------------------|-----------------------|--0-----------3-|
G ---0--2--3--3-|-3(/)5(\)3----0---| ---0--------0-|------------------| ---0--------0-|------------------| --------------|------------------| --------------|------------------| (3)-----------|------------------|
D Last... Bm We had just... G You were looking... A I was looking... D You had a way... Bm But I could... G Cause you had blood... A I had blood... D But I could swear... Bm That the pain... G A Was the same as the one... D That's the pain, Bm Cuts a straight line G Down through the heart; A We called it love. D So we wrapped our arms... Bm Trying to shove ourselves... G We were making love, A Making love. D It was a cold... Bm Such a long time ago, G A When by the mighty hand of Jove, D It was the sad story Bm How we became G Lonely two-legged creatures, A It's the story of D G The origin of love. D G That's the origin of love. Tabbed by Mark Cunningham I just ripped this off another site, cause well shit ultimate guitar needed it
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