Rufus Wainwright - Complainte De La Butte tab

Complainte de la Butte - as played by Rufus Wainwright

There are chords and such for this song, but I liked the way
the piano plays the bass notes. I wrote this up to emphasize
the bass transitions. Once you get the rhythm you may want to
change the other parts of the chord.

Also, I'm too lazy to listen to all of the details of the
chorus; the same rhythm applies. Play the chords as you like,
and find your own bass notes.

intro: F Ce|------------|------------|B|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11---|G|-22-22-22-22|-00-00-00---|D|3--2--0--1--|2--0--------|A|------------|------3-----|E|------------|------------| La lune, trop
verse: F C C Fe|------------|------------|------------|-------------|B|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11-11-|G|-22-22-22-22|-00-00-00-00|-00-00-00-00|-22-22-22-22-|D|3--2--0--1--|2--0-----0--|------------|---2--0------|A|------------|------3-----|3--1--0-----|---------3---|E|------------|------------|---------3--|1------------| blême, roux. rousse, trous.
F C C Fe|------------|------------|------------|------------|B|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11-11|-11-11-11-11|-11-1-------|G|-22-22-22-22|-00-00-00-00|-00-00-00-00|-22-2-------|D|3--2--0--1--|2--0-----0--|------------|------------|A|------------|------3-----|3--1--0-----|-----0------|E|------------|------------|---------3--|1--3--1-----| pâle blasés de la rue brisé
chorus: Bbm C The stairways up to la butte F (see chorus tab below) can make the wretched sigh. Bb Bbm While windmill wings of the Moulin F/C C shelter you and I.
chorus tab: F Bbe|------------|------------|B|-11-11-11-11|-33---------|G|-22-22-22-22|-33--(etc)--|D|3--2--0-----|------------|A|---------3--|1----(etc)--|E|------------|------------|
After the final chorus (in French), end on F. -oiuyoiuy
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