Run Kid Run - Wake Up Get Up tab

Run Kid Run
Wake Up Get Up
This is who we are
2006 Tooth And Nail Records
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Tuning: same as We've only just begun down half step Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-eb

Chords used:
D -    xx0232
A -    x02220
G -    320033
C -    x32010
Bm -   x24432
D/F# - 2x023x
A/C# - x4222x
Em -   022000

Intro:G-D/F#-Em-D-A/C# (switch fast for this pattern)
G--D--A (x3) G--A--D

Verse 1:
D                             Bm
  To come around and lose yourself
To know a different life
             G                  D
To know that time will pass you by
                 Bm             G
We've learned to change but did we change to learn
D                      Bm        C
  Is this our so called imitation
                 G             A
To carry on with no convictions
We have the calling of another life 
Another way to live 

Bm              G                  A
We are the ones We are the ones to blame

        G  D         A             D      G
So Wake Up! Now it's time, this is all we have 
            D            A
This is the sound of revolution
   G           D
So Get Up! Get Up!
       A           D       G 
To the tune of the voice inside
This is the calling of a new life

Post Chorus: G--D--A (x3) G--A--D

Verse 2:
Now that we know familiar scribes
The motion of our lives
We realize our actions
Let's stop and make this happen
D                          Bm
  Here we are with so much confidence
           C                      G
But in the end will we be falling suddenly 
    A                                  Bm
And find our lives are nothing but the opposite 
Of something confident 

(Repeat Refrain-twice and Chorus-twice)

C                                 G
  Wake up there's no more time to waste
Today is the day


Bm             G
We are the ones
Bm A/C# D Em D/F# G--A--- (switch fast for this pattern)
We are the ones

Outro: x4
This is who we are
Now all rise
   Bm           G
To who we are inside

Encore: G--D--A (x3) G--A--D
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