Running Wild - Prisoner Of Our Time tab

                                                     prisoner of our time

                                                                 [ tabs ]

                                  Basic Riffs

                                Transcribed by
                       Mikko Issakainen,

   You should be able to play this song through with these tabs but I didn't pick
   out all of the solos (they take too much time) but there might be some

                               Prisoner of our time

4X |------------------------------| |------------------------------| |-----------------------------*| |-4--------------7------------*| |-2------5-------5-----2---4---| |--------3-------------0---2---|
|------------------------|--------------| |------------------------|--------------| |-----------------------*|-7--6--5--6---| |-----------------------*|-5--4--3--4---| |--2-2--2\-0---5-\4-\2---|--------------| |------------------------|--------------|
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