Runrig – The Only Rose tab

This is a great runrig song, im 99% sure this is correct.

I've used the live version of the intro because it sounds better with an electric.

The intro chords are G, D, Em, C, G, D, C. Em G D Between the shifting shadows in the no-man's zone C D Em There's a bar at the end of the street Em G D Some poor country music, one or two sixties songs C D Em It's the place where the night owls sleep G D G D Oh, loneliness, you're a hard earned crust Em D You're the night at the end of the day Em G D 'Cause you pay your dues On the road you choose C D Em With the price you have to pay [Intro Chords] Em G D Down the neon aisles and the twilight miles C D Em Where the world takes comfort in shame Em G D And all I can hear is a voice in my ear C D Em And its calling out your name G D G D Still the silence grows the four winds blow Em D And a dark moon rising above Em G D To rest by your side in the heat of the fire C D Em In the sleep of the night of love G D Em Bm When darkness hangs on the dirty city Em D Em C Winter falls on a foreign town G D Am C And it's all I can do to be with you Em D Tonight as the sun goes down G D G D But I would cross the ocean wide Em D I'd walk the mighty foam Em G D If I could lie in your arms tonight C D Em You're the only rose I know Outro : G, D, Em, C, G, D, C. Enjoy.
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