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Time Stand Still    -   Rush         (from Hold Your Fire)
Transcription by Dan Newcombe (

(I know that this is not 100% accurate, but it is closer
 than nothing.  If you have corrections, please post them
 in a nice civilized manner.  No flames, they're a waste.)

To find out the chord rythyms, listen to the album.

Intro: (Riff 1) (Clean tone, with a bit of delay and maybe chorus)(Play 3 times)-------------------------|--------------------2-2--|------4-----4-------2-2--|----4-----4---------2-2--|--------7------4-0--0-0--|--7----------------------|
C# A E I turn my back to the wind to catch my breath before I start off
Bagain Driven on without a moment to spend to---0--------------------------------------------------------------|---0----------------------------------------------4-5^4--5^4--5^4-|---2----------------------------------------------4---4----4----4-|---2----------------------------------------------4---4----4----4-|---1-------------------------------0--2--4--2---------------------|---0------------------0---2---4-----------------------------------|
B E A C# pass the moment with a drink and a friend. I let my skin get A E too thin, I'd like to pause, no matter what I
pretend like some pilgram who learns to transcend.---0--------------------------------------------------------------|---0----------------------------------------------4-5^4--5^4--5^4-|---2----------------------------------------------4---4----4----4-|---2----------------------------------------------4---4----4----4-|---1-------------------------------0--2--4--2---------------------|---0------------------0---2---4-----------------------------------|
B E A as if each step were the end. (Guitar Tacet) "Time Stand Still, I'm not looking back but I want to look around me now. Time Stand Still, See more of the people and the places that surround me" (Play riff 1 twice) now Time stand still
E A B Freeze this moment a little bit longer -0-----0-----| ---4-----4---| -----4-----4-| -------------| -------------| -------------|
A F# E Make each sensation a little bit stronger B A E B A (Play riff 1) Experience slips away Experience slips away Time Stand still A A (2nd verse same as the first as far as music goes.) I turn my face to the sun, close my eyes, let my defences down, all those wounds that I can't get unwound. I let my past get too fast, no time to pause, if I could slow it all down, like some captain whose ship runs aground, I can wait till the tide comes around. Chorus: "Time stand still. I'm not looking back, but I wanna look around me now. Time stand still, see more of the people and the places that surround me (Play riff one) now
E A B Freeze this moment a little bit longer -0-----0-----| ---4-----4---| -----4-----4-| -------------| -------------| -------------|
A F# E B Make each impression a little bit stronger E A B Freeze this moment a little bit longer B A E B A (Play riff 1) The innocence slips away Innocence slips away Time Stand still (Play riff one) TIME STAND STILL
(Play riff 5 10 times)Riff 5----------------------------------------------|----2-4-2-4/5-4-2-4-2-------------------------|-4--------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------|
A B ??? (Play riff 5 4 times) (The rest of the song is taken from the parts that come after the slow part of the chorus. They are easy to figure out, mostly E A and B chords, and I am too tired to type them in) From: (Phil Hodges) Subject: TAB: Time Stand Still (Rush) I got the TAB for "Time Stand Still" off the ftp site and noticed that the intro was heinously incorrect. I realize the person who wrote it said it wasn't 100% correct, and I am posting the correction in a civilized manner :) I'll post more Rush TAB if there are enough people interested. There's a pretty good-size collection going at the site, and most of it's correct that I've seen, and I want to add to it as much as I can. Alex Lifeson is my favorite guitarist, and I know how to play most of Rush's tunes.
E-|---------------------------------------|B-|-------------0-------------------------|G-|-----4-----4--------------2---2--------|D-|---4-----2---------2------2---2--------|A-|-2--------------4-----0---0---0--------|E-|---------------------------------------| Let ring -----------------------------|
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