Rush – Half The World tab

Rush: Half the World
From the album Test for Echo (Atlantic Records)
Copyright 1996 Core Music Publishing
Music by Lee and Lifeson
Lyrics by Peart

Transcribed by Jarred Sanchez

Here are the tabs for Half the world by Rush. Some parts were rather
difficult to transcribe since there is so much overdubbing. However I
came up with something that fits, and It sounds right. If you have any
suggestions, contact me at


E--------3333---B--3-3-3-3333---G--3-3-0-0000--- X 12D--0-0-0-0000---A---------------E---------------
E------------|------------|------------|----------------B--7-5-2-222-|--7-5-2-222-|--7-5-2-222-|--3333-2-22-3-2-G--7-6-2-222-|--7-6-2-222-|--7-6-2-222-|--2222-2-22-2-2- X 2D--0-0-0-000-|--0-0-0-000-|--0-0-0-000-|--0000-0-00-0-0-A------------|------------|------------|----------------E------------|------------|------------|----------------
E--------3333-B--3-3-3-3333-G--2-2-0-0000- X 10D--0-0-0-0000-A-------------E-------------
Repeat Chorus
E---------|---------|--9------|-------|-------|-------|----------B--7------|--9------|--8------|----1--|----1--|----1--|----1p01--G--7------|--9------|--0------|-----0-|-----0-|-----0-|--------0- X 3D--0------|--0------|--0------|-------|-------|-------|----------A---------|---------|---------|--3----|--2----|--0----|----------E---------|---------|---------|-------|-------|-------|--3-------
E----------------|----------------B----------------|----------------G--7777-7-7------|--7777-7-7------ X 2D--7777-7-7-5797-|--5555-5-5-5745-A--5555-5-5-3575-|--5555-5-5-3523-E----------------|----------------
Pre-solo (As seen in intro):
E--------3333-B--3-3-3-3333-G--2-2-0-0000- X 12D--0-0-0-0000-A-------------E-------------
Repeat Chorus Finishing riff:
E---------------|-------------|-----------|--------B--578-8-8-7-53-|-/8-8-7-8-10-|--8-8-7-53-|--8-7-5-G--000-0-0-0-00-|--0-0-0-0--0-|--0-0-0-00-|--0-0-0-(Fade out)D---------------|-------------|-----------|--------A---------------|-------------|-----------|--------E---------------|-------------|-----------|--------
Lyrics: Half the world hates What half the world does everyday Half the world waits While half gets on with it anyway Half the world Lives Half the world makes Half the world gives While the other half takes Half the world is Half the world was Half the world thinks While the other half does Half the world talks With half the mind on what they say Half the world walks with half a mind to run away Half the world lies Half the world learns Half the world flies As half the world turns Half the world laughs Half the world tries to be the other half Half of us divided Like a torn-up photograph, A torn-up photograph Half of us are trying To reach the other half To reach the other half Half the world cares While half the world is wasting the day Half the world shares While half the world is stealing away Half the world lives Half the world makes Half the world gives While the other half takes Half the world cries Half the world laughs Half the world tries to be the other half To be the other half
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