Russ – Sore Losers chords

Bm EmSo many sore losers keep tryna talk to me
BmY'all need to focus on winning, stop focusing on me
Yeah [Verse]
EmThirteen thousand in Portugal, that's arena talk
BmYou still on your Training Day, you Ethan Hawke
EmRappers with your get rich quick scheme gimmicks
BmInstead of hating you should focus on your sixteenth minute
EmWe are not side by side, ain't no split-screen image
BmI'ma be around forever like a Springsteen ticket
CI'm just bathing in success, yeah I rinse clean with it
GI put my best foot forward like a Nowitzki pivot
EmI got blitzkrieg critics
They ain't wastin' no time
BmBut I ain't wastin' no money, so I pay 'em no mind
EmThat's a lie, I be snappin'
BmThat's my fault, I'm adjustin' to people spreadin' lies about me
Just hatin' and judging
EmFor the sake of discussion, in the hopes of some clout
BmShit's been stressful, I just need some pretty hoes with some mouth
CPut my home in the South, 10K square feet
GName your favorite rappers now, let's play "where's he?"
EmProbably chasin' a hit, probably lost in LA
BmProbably paying for likes, probably paying for plays
EmProbably owns a Corolla, but probably rents the Aventador
BmBusiness manager furious, like "What the fuck did you spend that for?"
EmFuck y'all though, I'ma keep on winnin'
BmI got angels all around me, y'all can keep on sinnin'
C'Cause ain't no way y'all are fuckin' up my light light
GI spent two million just on taxes, somethin' light light
EmIn hindsight, I was right all along, life of a don
BmWritin' songs, all those hooks were a fight to get on
EmYou gotta see it way before it happens, yes yes
BmI'ma be the greatest, I won't settle for next best
EmGot your girl in her birthday suit, that's best dressed
BmPlus she likes girls too like Ellen DeGeneres
CFirst class Emirates that's how I'm flyin'
GSUVs on the tarmac, that's how I'm arrivin'
EmPresidential treatment, ooh this life so good
BmWhite skin, they can't believe that I got friends in the hood
EmI know the love songs and melodies throw y'all off
BmDon't give a fuck about your face tats, we know y'all soft
EmPeople we know with face tats got them for a reason
BmYou use them for the gang culture aesthetic, you reachin'
CA lot of kids are poppin' xans and sippin' lean now
GA lot of rappers using Instagram to teach how
EmA lot of kids OD'ed that you don't read 'bout
Bm'Cause they don't follow rappers, they just follow fiends now
EmBut I'm the bad guy for callin' it out
BmI come in clutch with the truth, y'all are stallin' it out
EmI only get in trouble when I say the truth
BmWhich means you gettin' fed lies everyday, you fools
CDo your research before you try and speak on my name
GRappers wearing CZs and leasing the chains
EmThe beats classic, I amaze myself
BmI'm a boss, I'm a owner, yeah I pay myself
EmFuck the capes of society, I saved myself
BmEven after all the millions bitch, I stayed myself
EmI still take my mom with me, Bugus still right here
BmNew people think my buzz got here in a lightyear
CFuck y'all, this ain't a Toy Story
GI eat Nigerian, save some moimoi for me
EmYeah, lot of y'all girls I coulda hit
BmBut I'm the type to pass the pussy to stay home and cut a hit
EmNever fuck a chick at her house, she got exes
BmI just bought a crib, I got guns, I got exits
EmCameras at the entrance
Try if you want to
BmBugus told me, "God forbid they get you, I got you"
CI'm an idol, people treat me like Billy
GSingin' and rappin' goin' platinum, people treat me like Drizzy
EmTake the studio with me
Set up shop in the telly
BmI've watched a lot of rappers talk but then they flop like Belly
EmThere ain't shit you can tell me, you can save that shit
BmFake convos before favors, I hate that shit
EmYesterday turned down a 150,000
BmI ain't trippin' 'bout it
I get that every week like allowance
CFrom my independent catalog
GFuck these rec league rappers tryna battle 'Bron
EmStay in your lane, this is big business
BmMove bitch, get back like Chris Bridges
EmI remember only sellin' like six tickets
BmNow I make the girls crazy like Sid Vicious
EmI coulda played it different, coulda silenced all my truths
BmCoulda buddied up with rappers for the sake of looking cool
EmBut it's not in me to be fake, I can't do it
BmI can see through it, man this game is translucent
EmThey twist the truth for the headline drama
BmClicks create traffic, traffic creates dollars
EmThe sheep believe it, they ain't up on game yet
BmSmooth rides ain't as fun to watch as trainwrecks (damn)
EmControversy is currency, controversy is clout
BmThat's why my haters keep my name in their mouth
CY'all are hopeless, this is a decade of devotion
GIt's hard to stop my movement when I'm already in motion
EmThis ain't luck, this is by design
BmI had to work in the dark for my light to shine
EmA lot of people are dope, they just quit too soon
BmA lot of rappers go broke, 'cause they got rich too soon (damn)
EmMy confidence plus my success is just a mirror for some
BmIt forces them to look around and see what they haven't done
CThat's a line for any hater, y'all are mad at yourselves
GJudging every move I make, y'all distractin' yourselves
EmYou could do this shit too if you wanted
BmBut you would rather sit around and bitch and make comments
EmOh well, suit yourself, be miserable
BmI'm country-hoppin' in a jet, that's the visual
EmI saw this coming in my hoodie with the plaid flannel
BmI bet on myself, yeah I had to gamble
CI feel like I'm half god, half mammal
GBitch I turned my life into the Travel Channel
EmI'm not home, I'm in Stockholm
BmWith heated floors and the beds with the soft foam
EmIt's like clockwork watching sore losers poke their heads out
BmEvery time I big myself up, they get stressed out
EmI'm the best out, yeah I said it
BmSelf-made millionaire, you know what's up with the credits
CI'm the best out, yeah I said it
GSelf-made millionaire, you know what's up with the credits
EmBitch, yeah
BmProduced, mixed, mastered
|Em Bm |Em Bm |C G
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