Russell Tom – Love Makes A Fool Out Of The Wise tab

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Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise
by:  The Tom Russell Band
written by:  Tom Russell / Carl Brouse

(capo 3rd fret)

A                                G
I was always running scared it's true
A                            D
I was always running back to you
Running never takes you home
You're running wild and all alone
    D                A
And lost you pay the cost

A                               G
You held my heart right in your hand
A                         D
You always seemed to understand
I played it right I played it wrong
I played around with love too long
D                             A
Love's a game that anyone can lose

Love breaks the rules
A kind man turns cruel
D                              A
What begins a dream will end a lie
Em           A           D     Em  A  D
Love makes a fool of the wise

A                                G
Old friends don't seem to hang around
A                               D
They whisper that she's leaving town
They say that I was cruel
They say I played the perfect fool
D                                     A
A fool that never learned the ways of love

Repeat Chorus Twice

Em           A           D      Em  A  D  (end)
Love makes a fool of the wise

From the album Road to Bayamon 1989 Rounder Records
Transcribed by:  Greg Yuriy
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