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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 23:26:34 -0400
From: Greg Yuriy 
Subject: CRD: Mineral Wells by Tom Russell

Mineral Wells
by:  Tom Russell
written by:  Tom Russell - Frontera Music

(capo 3rd fret)

G  (alternate between |320003| and |302003| intro only)

She was livin' in a cadillac
Bedded down in the back seat
G                                 D
On a back street of the Hollywood hills
With a shoebox museum of memories
D                      G
Old photos and medical bills
She'd been a great actress in two dozen movies
G                         G7           C
Played Shakespeare on the great London stage
C                              G
Before the three husbands, six kids and bad breaks
G  D                        G
Of fifty-eight odd years of age

Him they called fat boy wore grey overalls
G                                 D
And he clocked in at four hundred pounds
With a passion for food and film magazines
D                            G
He'd been a great critic downtown
He'd seen all her movies, worshipped her face
G                   G7          C
Heard her story and took her on in
C                                     G
Though she bore no resemblance to the star he adored
G          D                     G         G7
The film's over before real life begins


G7  C
She told him of a fountain of youth
C                D
In the hot Texas earth
D     C
It'll heal and renew us
C                           D
It's somewhere west of Fort Worth
D       C
And she met Errol Flynn there
C                    G      C
In the Crazy Water Hotel
C        Am
And they danced down the street
Am     D                        C
In the moonlight of old Mineral Wells

G  (alternate between |320003| and |302003|)

So they boarded a greyhound in search of the fountain
G                          D
Fat boy and the aging film queen
Through the Great Painted Desert and all across Texas
D                     G
Amarillo plain to Abilene
They got off in Fort Worth for a fresh cup of coffee
G                   G7          C
Caught the local to old Mineral Wells
C                                    G
And it dropped them in front of that boarded up palace
G          D             G
Called the Crazy Water Hotel

Disillusioned they found a cheap room off the highway
G                            D
Drank vodka from a styrofoam cup
There'd be no healing return to the past
D                               G
The fountain of youth had dried up
So the critic and the film star held hands and drank vodka
G                  G7           C
As the great Texas sun rose and fell
C                                 G
And drunk but still dreaming they waltzed down the street
G      D                        G       G7
In the moonlight of old Mineral Wells

Repeat Chorus

C    Am
They danced down the street
Am     D                        G     C  G  D  G
In the moonlight of old Mineral Wells

>From the album The Long Way Around 1997 Hightone Records
Live duet with Katy Moffatt
Transcribed by Greg Yuriy
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