Rustic Overtones – Sector Z tab

Verse:(I tried to show the rhythm a little, but it didn't work too well,but you can figure it out, it's not too hard.)e--------------b--------------g--3-3-3-x----- (repeat)d--3-3-3-x-3-5-a--1-1-1-x-3-5-E----------1-3-
e--------------b--------------g--3-3-3-x----- (You can alternate between these two partsd--3-3-3-x-6-5- to mix it up a little, but I think thisa--1-1-1-x-6-5- second part is only used a couple of times E----------4-3- on the album.)
End of chorus, 2nd time through, right after "This is Rock'n Roll"e--------b--------g------3-d--6-5-3-a--6-5-1-E--4-3---
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