Berlin chords with lyrics by Ry X - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ry X – Berlin chords

There are 3 different parts (listen to the song for the length)

F# A E|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-2-4---5-4-2---12-11-16-9----||-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-2-3---5-3-2---12-10-15-8----|
Start with F# & A
F#Come down love
ABerlin in the cold
EAll that fighting, all that snow
F#Sober nights
Aand byron on my mind
ETell me I'm not going home
Eand I'll stop waiting by the phone
Euuuuuuhhhh (2x)
F#Bedroom floor
Aand silence in my blood
ESorry love I'm running home
EI'm a child of sun and the stars I love
F# & A
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