Ryan Adams - Born Into A Light tab

Artist: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Song: Born Into a Light
Album: Cardinology

1st song off the new relase - not too tough....enjoy.



e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|--------2-0---------|E|--0-2-3------3------| and then: Am Em x4 (on 4th time finish with G chord)
VERSE: Am G F C For everything that's wrong, there is a worry, man F C There's a reason why G F We just don't understand but, well, you gotta keep the faith C G Be patient, oh, the past is just a memory in here F C G Heal your mind, you'll heal inside eventually CHORUS: F C G We were born into a light F C G We were born into a light F C G We were born into a light REPEAT INTRO VERSE: For everyone alone, I wish you faith and hope And all the strength to cope To be your own best friend, have confidence and keep the faith REPEAT 1st verse and then finish with same tab from intro
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