Ryan Adams – Blue tab

Title: Blue
Artist: Ryan Adams
Album: 48 Hours Sessions (Downloadable at BootCity.org)

Verse:Strum an Open D then pick the following:e||-----------------------------------------------------------------|B||-----------------------------------------------------------------|G||-----------------------------------------------------------------|D||-------0---------------------------------------------------------|A||-0-2-----4-0-----------------------------------------------------|E||-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: G A Bm A Who could mend a heart that was broken from the start? A Dm C You led me oooooon. Dm C You let me dooooown. (Back to Verse) So blue Blue Didn't know the rules 'till you played me like a fool You led me on You let me down You broke my heart I wanted you to So blue Blue Blue So blue F#m G I know that you will want me back B#m A I would but I know what you do You'd just leave me blue (Downward strum an open D and use the Verse) Blue Blue So blue
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