Ryan Adams – Pa tab

			Pa - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Tabbed by: woodward

the chords are played like in the intro, picking one string then playing the chord etc...

h = hammer-on

these are some little riff's he does throughout the song

riff 2 riff 3e|---------| e|---------|B|---------| B|---------|G|---------| G|---------|D|---------| D|---------|A|-------0-| A|-----0-0-|E|-0-0h2---| E|-0h2-----|
verse A D Pa drove to town yesterday to pick out a grave A He found the lot where she'd lay A Then he drove to old man Ed Sederdoms's place riff 2 A To find him some peace He got there round about twelve D And he stayed 'till three A And the sun left him down in the valley D But the moon met him up in the hills by the lake A Reflecting the ghost of ma's face riff 2 A Suppertime came and went D No one heard from him A Sis' left his food on his plate D At the end of the table right next to ma's place A Where nobody sits Telephone rang about four D My sis answered it A And I felt the news through the floorboards Like a long sufferin' moan D Like a wreck on the road A Like a joining of hands G D A Shala la la G D A Shala la la G D A Shalaaa la la G D A Shala la la G D A Shala la la G D A Shala laaa riff 3 A So I drove to town yesterday D To pick out his grave A I found the lot where they'd lay D And I drove to old man Ed Sederdoms's place A To find me some peace
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