Ryan Adams – Two Hearts tab

Best song off of the album

Chords used:

A B E G# C#me---(0)-(2)--0---4----4-----|B----2---4---0---4----5-----|G----2---4---1---4----6-----|D----2---4---2---6----6-----|A----0---2---2---6----4-----|E------------0---4----------|
____________________________________________________ Intro: x2 (Play A and B w/ power chords, include middle finger) A B E E Verse: x2 E E A B E E E E E E A B B B B B Chorus: A B E E x4 Post Chorus (walk down bass notes from A position) A A/G# A/F# E E E E E Last Chorus: A B E E A B E E A B C#m C#m B A A B E E
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