Ryan Adams - Miss Sunflower chords

Tabbed by: Jeff Ng
Email: jeffrey_ng93@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard, Capo on 5th fret

im pretty sure these are the correct chords just that some of the G's might have 
some alternatives.

CIf i was a sunset, i'd want to lay on your bed,
Am FAnd watch the hollywood lights flicker as it started to dim.
CIf i was a movie, you know i'd feel pretty good.
Am F I'd watch you dancing all night in the dark where i stood.
F I don't think about you
CI don't think about you
FI don't think about you
G? FYou don't think about me . . . miss sunflower blue
CShe's got the brown eyes, yeah, and they're pretty as hell
Am FAnd they'll burn through your shirt if you're holding her still
CShe's got a lighter, and a lit cigarette
Am FAnd if you're making her smile, that's just as high as you can get
Chorus Bridge
AmI'm still out on sunset in a taxicab
G?I'm still at the movies, and i'm holding your hand
FStill at an overpass view looking out at the lights
G? FStill on an airplane, and i'm starting to cry
G?I don't think about you
CIf i was the evening, you know i'd send you a breeze
Am FI'd let it whisper in your ear, kiss you and sing you to sleep
CIf i wasn't so screwed up, maybe all the words might have come
Am FBut i think the needing just took everything they wanted was sung
Chorus End~
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