Ryan Adams - Cannonball Days chords version 1

			   Cannonball Days - Ryan Adams

Tabbed by: motimon3 
Email: jeffrey_ng93@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning


the chords are read:|EADGBe|

B      - |799877|  or  |x24442x|
E      - |x79977|  or  |0221000|
F#     - |x9111199| or |2443222|
G#m  - |466444|
C#m  - |x46634|


B E B E What's come to stay from the cannonball days,
F# E B But a house and some clothes on the line.
B E B E You fired away with your drunken brigade
F# E BIn the streets of New York as a child
B E B E Woman so fine, fine as a girl,
F# E BSlow like an Italian wine,
B E B EHair all a mess, dress all disheveled
F# E BAnd all of your roses have died.
B E B E Chorus
G#m C#mBetter luck in the next life,
E F#Cause your gonna need it dear.
B E B E Loved you back then, but I couldn't say when,
F# E BAll of your roses have died.
F# E BAll of your roses have died.
and you then theres the verse again and chorus again etc. you can figure it out.. gotta love ryan adams
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