Ryan Adams - Shadowlands chords version 1

For some reason there seems to be alot of confusion on the first chord of this song.  
The First chord is an F#sus2 chord
The reason it sounds ominous is because of the low register of the voicings
The Entire Progression is
F#sus2 C#     B    repeated over and over

IF you're playing this on piano you have to invert the chord so that it follows the top 
melody line which utilizes the notes G# (for the F#sus2) F (For the C#) and D# (for the 
B chord.)
So fill the chord normally,  just make sure those notes are on top and you should be fine.
For any of you familiar with theory
The F#sus2 and C# chords are in first inversion while the final B chord is in 2nd 
inversion.  Take note that the inversion only happen in the left hand, the right hand plays 
the usual bass(root) notes.

IF you're plannning on playing this on guitar I suggest you down tune a halfstep so you 
can get that open chord feeling, thats in the song.

Guitar Tuning D# G# C# F# A# D#

Chords: Gsus2, D, C

Gsus2 D CGod, please bring the rain
Gsus2 D CYeah, and bring it soon
Gsus2 D CLet it flood right through the houses
Gsus2 D CInto Judy's room
Gsus2 D CWith a father on amphetamines
Gsus2 D CHer mother hides the pearls
Gsus2 D CReach out into the darkness
Gsus2 D CAnd find my little girl
Gsus2 D C'Cause she's angry like a salesman
Gsus2 D CThat couldn't make a sale
Gsus2 D CThrew her wedding ring in the sewer
Gsus2 D CAnd damned them all to hell
Gsus2 D CPlease lead her to the mountain
Gsus2 D CThat you fashioned out of sand
Gsus2 D CWhile the roaches climb the walls
Gsus2 D CFrom the hotel where he calls
Gsus2 D CMost people never find a love
Gsus2 D CMost people never find a love
Gsus2 D CSometimes you just can be a man
Gsus2 D CSometimes you just can be a man
Gsus2 D CWhen your living in the darkness
Gsus2 D COf the shadowlands
Gsus2 D CThe shadowlands
Gsus2 D CThe shadowlands
The cool thing about the open chords is if your playing this on solo guitar you can fingerpick the song easily Best of Luck HErmesReborn,
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