Ryan Adams - Cry On Demand tab


(from 'Demolition')
tabbed by Keir Alexander

dropped D tuning : D A D G B E

intro / verse chords:

G1 C1E|-----5-----3-----|B|-----3-----1-----|G|-----4-----0-----|D|-----0-----2-----|A|-----0-----3-----|D|-----5-----x-----|
(bridge) (emphasize base notes, try to avoid playing notes marked x)
(chorus chords)
G2 Am7 Cadd9 C/B Asus4E|----x------x------3------3------0----|B|----3------1------3------3------3----|G|----0------0------0------0------0----|D|----0------2------2------0------2----|A|----0------0------3------2------0----|D|----5------x------x------x------x----|
(Intro) G1 C1 G1 C1 (verse) G1 C1 So, it's how the story goes. G1 C1 And we come to the scene where I'm holding you close. G1 C1 She moves, moves like a thin dulling blade G1 C1 Cuts, all the words that I said (bridge - see tab above) The only difference is, The only difference is, The truth -- The truth is I miss you. (chorus) G2 Am7 Cadd9 C/B Cry on demand. Asus4 How'd you learn to? G2 Am7 Cadd9 C/B Cry on demand. Cadd9 Asus4 Teach me if you want to. Cadd9 Asus4 Though you don't have to. Cadd9 C/B Asus4 I just close my eyes and think of you. Email me with any suggestions at keiralx@yahoo.co.uk
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