Ryan Adams - Magnolia Mountain tab

Magnolia Mountain
By Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Standard tuning
(maybe a capo ii, but i don't think so)

verse: Bm D A E I wanna go to magnolia mountain and lay my weary head down G D A Asus A down on the rocks on the mountain my savior made (repeat pattern for verse) chorus: C#m G#m D A Lie to me Sing me a song C#m G#m F# Sing me a song until the morning comes C#m G#m D A If the morning comes, will you lie to me C#m G#m Will you take me to your bed Will you lay me down F# Till I'm heavy like the rocks on the riverbed Esus E Riff That my savior made
the solo sounds like it is the same as the intro. different kind of effect, same notes. to doug for the help on this one. have fun everybody -drew
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