Ryan Adams - Carolina Rain tab

Ryan Adams - Carolina Rain (29)
Standard Tuning

Intro, Riff 1 (E)e------------------------------------------0-------------------------|b------------------------------------------0-------------------------|g-4-6-7-9-11-13-14-13-11-9-7-6-------------1-------------------------|d--------------------------------2-0-------2-------------------------|a-2-4-5-7-9--11>12-11-9--7-5-4-5-----4-5-2-2-------------------------|E------------------------------------------0-------------------------|
Guitar 2 (E) (Riff 2)e------------------------------------------x-------------------------|b------------------------------------------x-------------------------|g------------------------------------------7-------------9-----------|d------------------------------------------7----------7h9------------|a------------------------------------------9-------------------------|E------------------------------------------0-------------------------|
Verse 1 Bmin A E Rose Lived on the south side of town, until her G D A A7 A Landlord showed up with two hundred dollor bills. Bmin A E A notice of eviction on the other hand, now she dont G D A E Live there no more, and everyone thinks she drowned. Verse 2 & 3 (same chords ans verse 1) I pulled into Mecklenberg on them trains, into a station that got flooded when they opened up the dams. And broke their connection to the railway lines, so they could blast into the quarry, and for every load of granite, (we got a ton of worry). One night at the diner, over eggs. Over easy, she showed me the length of her legs. But that gold plated cross on her neck it was real, and you dont get that kind of money from pushing the meal.
Pre-Chorus Riff (E) Riff 2e------------------x-------------------------------------------------|b------------------x-------------------------------------------------|g-6>7-6-4-6-4-2-x--1--------7h9--------------------------------------|d-7>9-7-6-7-6-4-2--2-----------9-------------------------------------|a---------------2--2-------------------------------------------------|E---------------0--0-------------------------------------------------|
Chorus (Ascending Intro riff) played over: Riff 1 I shouldh've told him that you were the one for me, A G But I lied but i Lied Riff 1 To most any drifter, who's looking for work is too A G C D wierd, i met you sister and i married her in july. A G C D E. But if only to get closer to you, caroline. Verse 4 & 5 (The Usual Verse chords) Percy and i moved down the street, until we lost two pretty girls, one was seven, one was three. Alderman and Caroline owned the house right up the hill, where we laid those babies down, so they could still see our house. Suspicion got the better of old Alderman Haint. He owned an autoparts store, off the interstate. But the lord took him home in July, and then Rose spilt the beans on the day that he died. (We was in trouble) Chorus 2 Intro Riff 1 I shouldve told him that you were the one for me, A G But i Lied, But i lied. Intro Riff 1 Tied up too concrete at the bottom of the quarry, with a A G C D tattoo on his heart that spelt out, Caroline. A G He was silent, but his rossary, C D just drifted into custody. A Riff 3 of a sheriff that was just deputised
e---------x---------------| b-2-2-----x---------------| g-2-2-----1---------------| d-2-2-----2---------------| a-0-0-x-x-2---------------| E-----3-2-0---------------|
Verse 6 Bmin D A And I was down at the banquet hall, where two G D A guys came up, pretty angry and drunk. Bmin D G D G D And im still here at the banquet hall, at the banquet hall, A Where the gun went off, E G D A in the Carolina Rain, E G D A In the carolina rain
Solo over these chordse--12-14-15-15-14-12-10-12-10----10------10--------------------------|b-----------------------------12----12-10---12-----------------------|g--------------------------------------------------------------------|d--------------------------------------------------------------------|a--------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Outro Same riff as intro X2 Ive missed out a few notes from the solo at the end, but i couldnt work it out, sorry. Have a good day.
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