Ryan Adams - Bar Is A Beautiful Place tab

Tune down 1/2 step


Pattern 1
(G) I hang my head down on Hollywood 
'Cause either (C)way up or down it's just stars (G)
(G) And I'm making my way down the Cherokee 
To go get drunk in a bar(D)
And I (C)know my friends, they (D)worry about me 
I can (G)see it written (D/F#)on their (Em)face 
(C)Despite anything that I (D)said before 
The (C)bar is a (D)beautiful place(G) sha na (D)na na (Em)na, (D)sha la la (C)la, sha (G)la la (D)la... (G) 

Pattern 2  
(a)I got a cold in my heart(a/A#) that the doctor can't (Bm)feel (a)
He said "go get (G)you a beer" 
But they don't let the (Em)sunshine come in here.   
(D)Sha la(C)  (D)Sha la la (C)la
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