Ryan Adams - Onslow County tab

Onslow County

I didn't have my guitar or the song
while I wrote this down, so I'm not 100 % sure about the D/B chord

G Em C x 2
D C x 2


Is the [D/B]land of track [C]housing

When they ask you "can I [D]help you?"

It's "no [D/B]sir, I'm [C]browsing"

There ain't never any any [D]money

To buy [D/B]no one a [C]present

It was her birthday, you just[D] tell her

"Hell, I [D/B]love you. here's a [C]cigarette."

And all the[D]bars are burning

And they're [D/B]making it with [C]cash-ins

I guess underneath the [D]worry

Oh, everybody's [G]laughing

G Em C x ?

Onslow County
It's covered by some pine trees
And the people go out fishing
And they dirty up their blue jeans

And there ain't never any money
To buy no one a present
It was her birthday, you just tell her
"Hell, I love you here's a cigarette."
And all the bars are burning.
And they're making it with cash-ins
I guess underneath the worry
Oh everybody's laughing
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