Ryan Bandong – Unstoppable tab

This is my first tab. Thank you and please enjoy. I am pretty sure these tabs are 99%
I promise. I made these tabs myself off of the youtube video. I made these because when i
looking for tabs i could find any. Oh yeah, watch the video so you can learn the 
The strumming pattern is pretty easy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4PpKYPetSo

H: Hammer

Capo on 1st fret
standard tuning

1st versee|-3--3--3--3---|B|-3--3--3--3---|D|----------2---| 4xG|-2-----2------|A|-3--2--2------|E|----3-----2---|
We cant just give up now There's still to much to say wanna tell you, show you what you mean to me without walking away but girls you've been my sunshine when all my clouds were gray but my worst disaster is knowing that it's me to blame your feelings now are mixed but i'll change my ways cause without you babe i'll go insane
Pre-choruse|----3---|B|-1------|D|--------| 4xG|-2--2---|A|----3---|E|--------|
Can you hear the melody Can you see the sounds enter your body and travel up and down baby don't be frightened let is free your soul take me hand, one again we're unstoppable
Choruse|-3--3--3--3---|B|-3--3--3--3---|D|-------2------| 2xG|----2-----2---|A|-2--3-----2---|E|-3-----2------|
It it's us against the world, we've got it but sometimes it get the best of us if you feel our love would fall, I've caught it cause me and you, we will purse, the impossible, we're unstoppable now
2nd Versee|-3--3--3--3---|B|-3--3--3--3---|D|----------2---| 4xG|-2-----2------|A|-3--2--2------|E|----3-----2---|
How many times have we, Turned the bad into great Turned the hate into love Turned the laughter to pain Turn the smiles into frowns we've been thought the ups and downs thought it takes a while just to make you smile let me tell you know that it's all worthwhile and the feeling i get, when i make you cry is a feel of regret, I', S-O-R-R-Y but i'll stop the pain and change me ways cause without you babe i'll go insane repeat chorus
Bridgee|-3--3--3--3-- e|-3--3--3--3--3--3--3---|B|-3--3--3--3-- B|-3--3--3--3--3--3--3---|D|----2-------- 3x D|----2--------2-----2---|G|-2-----2----- G|-2-----2---------------|A|-2-----3--2-- A|-2-----3--2-----2------|E|----------3-- E|----------3-----3------|
Time passes by for more than a lifetime, so don't you go changing Only one call away so call me anytime, I'm always here that's the main thing Oh why, dry your eyes, no more crying, I don't like that I' seeing We'll climb to the top on time, c'mon girl you're shining, I'll tell you I'm never cause I'm right here for leaning
e|-3--3--3--3--|B|-3--3--3--3--|D|----2--------|G|-2-----2-----| 4xA|-2-----3--2--|E|----2-----3--|
Don't run from the world you'll find shelter in my heart you don't have to be alone I know it seems to be, routine to live this unhappily but you can always lean on me, lean on me, lean on me, lean on me you can lean on me you can lean on me
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