Ryan Bingham – Tell My Mother I Miss Her So chords

Tell My Mother I Miss Her So
by Ryan Bingham
Roadhouse Sun

Fun song by Bingham.

The verse is really just a C chord strummed with different voicings, but I 
sometimes do this alternating C - F pattern. It's your decision if you want to do 
basically a C(var.)/C/Cadd9/C pattern (explained in the intro) or what I've got for the verse.

Intro: C (X32013)- C (X32010) - Cadd9 (X32030) - C (X32010)~~~ You are basically playing a C chord and walking down the E and B strings
C FTake me to see the voodoo queen,
CLet her put a spell on me,
C FA little bit of change will ease my pain
CGonna set a young man free.
Am G F CCause I've been down through your hometown
Am G F CAnd all across your distant land.
Am G F COne things for sure, honey I'll be gone,
Am G F CTell my mother I miss her so.
Take me to France and watch me dance, Let me drink that wine, Spinning around a dark haired girl, Having us a good ol' time. Chorus: repeat When you can the medicine man, Will let a feather set me free, Out on the range outrunning them trains, You're never gonna see me leave Repeat Chorus several times Repeat Am - G - F - C for the rest of the song.
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