Ryan Bingham - Borracho Station tab version 1

			     Borracho Station - Ryan Bingham

Tabbed by: IainG

The intro is just playing around Spanish style in G.

The song proper goes like this.

Tuning: Standard

It doesn't deviate from this structure the whole way through the song. Then at the end of the chorus-y bit I think this sounds good, although it's not an part of the song:-
Lyrics onda cielo y toca la sierra trabajando amigos acentiendo le pierra vaqueros montamos caballos borracho esperando aciente del sol la mexico buzzards they circle old crosses on hills the heart of the desert pounds under my heels and i hear a tale of aztec gold lyin in the hills of old mexico Hope you enjoy. Any problems with it, or things you think would be better, let me know and i'll add them in. Cheers!
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