Ryan Bingham - Junky Star chords version 1

Junky Star - Ryan Bingham and the Dead HorsesAlbum: Junky StarStandard Tuning|-----------------||--4---------2----||--4----2----2----||--4----2----2----||--2---------0----||-------4---------|
B Ab/A A
BThe man come to shake my hand
Ab/A AAnd rob me of my farm
BI shot him dead and hung my head
Ab/A AAnd drove off in his car
BSo on the run with a smokin gun
Ab/A AIím lookin for the coast
BOf all the things Iíve had and lost
Ab/A AYour love I miss the most
E B AAnd hell will have to pay
B EI went a little bit too far Iíd say
Half drunk I stumble on The whiskey from the bar Sleepin in the Santa Monica pier With the Junkies and the Stars For when I wore a Spanish cross Was reachin for my hand Then a stranger took the place Of words I couldnít understand
E B AAnd thereís nothing but the ground
E B AItís the only place Iíve found
E B A EWhere I can lay my head in town
Down on the boulevard The sidewalk shuffles change Cracked out from the night before Hallucinating in the rain So I borrowed a quarter for A call to the other side Told god that the whole damn world Was waitin in line to die But not me this time I left the trouble far behind And then he tied his arm off one more time The man come to shake my hand And rob me of my farm
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