Ryan Bingham - Day Is Done tab

Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses - Day is Done
Standard Tuning

Intro and VerseAll with a E chord over it.|-2/4--7--7/9--4------|-4---2--0---------------|------------------------||---------------------|------------------------|------------------------||---------------------|------------------------|------------------------||---------------------|------------------------|------------------------||---------------------|------------------------|------------------------||---------------------|------------------------|------------------------|
Let your mammas cry when the trains roll at night Let the wildfires fly with the soul of child
Chorus:This is what is played during the E Chord in the chorus (I made it fit so one guitar can play it cause in the real song there are two)|---0---0---0----3p0---0---0---0----3p0---0----------||-----3---3---3------3-------3---3------3------------||-1--------------------------------------------------||-2--------------------------------------------------||-2--------------------------------------------------||-0----------------------------0---------------------| A E A EWhen the day is done, I was born a bad man's son. A E A EWhen the day is done, I was born a bad man's son.
Let the coyotes cry, underneath heaven's eyes, Never speak of death, cause only life can rest. Chorus: Repeat Will you save the last dance, will you give the boy a chance, Before you wave your flag and he dies in Iraq. Ends with Intro Enjoy!!!
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