Ryan Bingham - Junky Star chords version 2

Junky Star
Ryan Bingham
Junky Star

You can do a hammer-on on the A string while playing the G chord. The other 
version of this song is also right but ive also seen ryan play it this way live. I 
find this smoother to play. Please let me know what you think

Capo 2

A D GThe man come to shake my hand, and rob me of my farm
A D GI shot 'em dead and I hung my head, and drove off his in his car
A D GSo on the run with a smokin' gun, lookin' for the coast
A D GOf all the things I've had and lost, your love I miss the most
D A GAnd hell will have to pay,
A DI went a little bit too far I'd say
Half drunk I stumble on the whiskey from the bar Sleepin' on the Santa Monica pier with the junkies and the stars For when I woke a spanish cross, was reachin' for my hand Then the stranger took the place, with words I couldn't understand And there's nothin' but the ground, it's the only place I found Where I can lay my head in town Down on the boulevard, the sidewalk shuffles change Cracked out from the night before, hallucinatin' in the rain So I borrowed me a quarter for a call to the other side I told God that the whole damn world was waitin' in line to die
D A GBut not me, this time
D A GI left the trouble far behind
A DAnd he tied his arm off one more time
A D GThe man come to shake my hand, and rob me of my farm
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