Ryan Bingham - Tell My Mother I Miss Her So tab version 1

Tell Mother I Miss Her So-- Ryan Bingham

Alright I'm gonna try to make this make sense. So I kid you not I have seen Ryan play
this song all over the neck. I've seen definite times on Capo 4, Capo 5, and sometimes he
plays it with no capo in standard tuning. I guess it truly is up to you on how you want 
to play it. I prefer the capo more than not.

The Grace notes im going to list here are played whilst strumming, and you can decide
your own arrangement on how to do it. Or watch a video of him.

Intro: Your going to be strumming a C (see below)

Repeat as many times as you likeE-3---------3--------3--------------------------------------------------|B-3---------3--------3--------------------------------------------------|Gó0----0h2--2--------0----------0---------------------------------------|D-2-------------0h2-------0h2------2---0--------------------------------|A-3---------------------------------------------------------------------|E-X---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verses: Repeat: Pattern goes through once per two lines Be at those notes at th beginning of the words listed:
Take... Voodoo... Spell Me... Young (man free)E-3---------3--------3--------------------------------------------------|B-3---------3--------3--------------------------------------------------|Gó0----0h2--2--------0----------0---------------------------------------|D-0-------------0h2-------0h2------2---0------------0h2--0--------------|A-2---------------------------------------------------------2-----------|E-3--------------------------------------------------------------3------|
On the chorus your just going to play these chords: C GE----3---------3-------------------------------------------------------------|B----3---------3-------------------------------------------------------------|Gó---0---------0-------------------------------------------------------------|D----2---------0-------------------------------------------------------------|A----3---------2-------------------------------------------------------------|E----X---------3-------------------------------------------------------------|
Take me to see the voodoo queen, Let her put a spell on me, A little bit of change will ease my pain, Gonna set a young man free. Chorus: C G C G Cause I've been down through your hometown C G C G And all across your distant land. C G C G One things for sure, honey I'll be gone, C G Tell my mother I miss her so C G On and on and on Take me to France and watch me dance, Let me drink that wine, Spinning around a dark haired girl, Having us a good ol' time. Chorus: repeat When you can the medicine man, Will let a feather set me free, Out on the range outrunning them trains, You're never gonna see me leave Chorus: repeat I really hope you can understand that! Please Let me know what you think
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