Ryan Bingham - South Side Of Heaven tab version 1

South Side of Heaven

Ryan Bingham

Cadd9    Gsus9/C    Cadd9    Gsus9/C

Cadd9                                         G
When I die lord wonít you put my soul up on a train

          Cadd9                                      G
Wonít you send it Southbound give it a cool bluesman name

          Cadd9                                                G  
Iíve been lost out on those back roads so many times I've gone blind
Cadd9                                                    G
Losing faith in my family had drove me right out my damn mind  


           Em7           Cadd9                    G
But on the South side of heaven wonít you take me home
                Em7               Cadd9                      G
Cause I've been broke down for so long and Lord it's getting cold

Cadd9    Gsus9/C    Cadd9    Gsus9/C x2

Verse 2:

Well I've been a desperado in West Texas for so long I need a change
And for ten long years this old place ainít seen a drop of rain
And that wind blows everyday Lord, like a desert snow
Like a lost bound train running on cocaine and out of control  


Verse 3 (half time) 

Along those Louisiana byways and those lonesome highways roll on 
Wonít you take me where the poor man lives itís where I call home 
And can't you see that a breeze is just a change in pace 
And money canít buy my soul because it comes from a hard earned place  

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