Ryan Cabrera – Our Story tab


E-------------------------------------------------0-0-3-5-2-3-0-2-------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------4-5---------|G--------------------------------0-2-4---4s5-4--------------------------------|D----2-4s5-4---guitar 1----0-2-4----------------------------------------------|A---2-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--0-----------------------------------*guitar 2 begins-----------------------|
E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G--guitar 2----------------------------------4-2--------4-2------|D---------------------------2-4s5-4--------2----------2----------|A--------------------------2-----------0h2---------0h2-----------|E-------------------------0--------------------------------------|
Verse1 Em Esus This Time I'll Em Esus Think of brighter days Em Esus Where I'm falling deep Em Esus Deep inside our story Em Esus I'm counting on Em Esus Something I can feel Em Esus I wont fall asleep Em Esus Cause Even if I'm hurting Em C I'm waiting on the one for me Bridge: C D Its a good day for me C Its a good day D To take a chance G and let you in to see Chorus: G B7 Exactly who I am Em A And if you understand me C B7 and if you can roll with it (no chord) Em I will be your man Verse 2 All around me are lies But no one seems to mind I cant change time For anyone to show me That love is real You know ill find away I wont be scared To let her really love me Is there anyone in love with me? Chorus
Solo:(played over an Em chord)e|---------------------------------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------9----------------|D|------5-----5-5-----5-----------5-----7-5-7s9---9-9s7-5--------|A|--5h7---5h7-----5h7---5-6-7-5h7---5h7-------------------5-6-7--|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Bridge Chorus
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