Ryan Cabrera – 40 Kinds Of Sadness tab

If you're tuned down 1/2 a step - Place Capo on 3rd fret
If you're tuned STANDARD - Place Capo on 2nd fret

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V= Downstroke
^= Upstroke
x= Mute

         Two       Days      Chasin' me around

V V V V V Ve|--0-0-------0-0------3-3-------------------|B|--0-0-------3-3------3-3-------------------|G|--0-0-------2-2------0-0-------------------|D|--2-2-------0-0------2-2-------------------|A|--2-2-------0-0------3-3-------------------|E|--0-0-------X-X------X-X-------------------|
As the Intro/Verse progresses, he changes to this (string muting between each note):
v^v^ v^v^ v^v^v^ v ^ xxxx xxxx xxxxxx x x V V V V V V V ^ e|--0-0-------0-0------3-3-----------3---0--------|B|--0-0-------3-3------3-3-----------3---3--------|G|--0-0-------2-2------0-0-----------0---2--------|D|--2-2-------0-0------2-2-----------2---0--------|A|--2-2-------0-0------3-3-----------3---0--------|E|--0-0-------X-X------X-X-----------X---X--------|
When you get to the end of the verse, Strum Cadd9 (x32033) up and down until reaching chorus ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- **CHORUS**: I feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone...
VV^VV^ VV^VV^ VV^VV^ VV^VV^e|--3------3------3-------3----------------------|B|--3------3------3-------3----------------------|G|--0------2------0-------2----------------------|D|--0------0------2-------0----------------------|A|--2------0------2-------0----------------------|E|--3------2------0-------X----------------------|
*Strumming Pattern for the Chorus*: Down - Down/Up - Down - Down/Up (VV^VV^) Play chorus 4 times..but on the 4th time, down,up,down-stroke (x00233) and pause. ("NOT ENOUGH") Then play the chorus 2 more times through. After that, jump back into the verse again... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse: (See up top) "My..eyes..are waiting at the door..just..like...everytime before.. time flies so slow... time flies soooo slooowww" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Play Chorus 4 times, but on the fourth time - down,up,down stroke (x00233) ("Not Enough!") and then go into the bridge. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- **BRIDGE**: *Strumming Pattern for Bridge*: Down - Up/Down/Up/Down - Up/Down/Up/Down - Down/Up (V ^V^V ^V^V V^) (x3243x) (x54x5x) (x3243x) (x54x5x) (x02210) (320033) (x02210) (320033) (133000) (355000) (x00233 <--lift pinky off to change to x00232) and to finish, downstroke (320033) once... *Note: Some chords are played for a shorter time period than others.. for example: (133000) and (355000) will both be equal to ONE strumming pattern.* "I Feel.." Strum (022000) "Yeah.." Downstroke (320033) twice "40 kinds of sadness" then downstroke (022000) twice "ooohh when you're gone" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Then go back into the chorus..play the chorus chords 8 times to finish the song. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can also play the Verse/Intro using these chords: (022xxx), (x0023x), (335xxx) on the electric guitar. It sounds good. Also, this chord: (x54x5x) also sounds good playing it like this: (x54030) I'll be updating this as I see fit..If you have any questions or anything, please e-mail at eric3312@gmail.com..and PLEASE RATE!! :-)
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