Ryan Coughlan - In My Boat tab

Intro: (G, C9, G, C9, D, C) x2

Verse 1: G, C9x2
         G                                    C9
Cruising down the street, in bare feet,
         G                         C9 
With my mate, getting some bait.

                             D                     D
Cause were, going fishing, going skurfing,
        C                  C
In my boat, that stays afloat.  

Verse 2:  G, C9x2
             G                           C9
Grab the petrol tank, and the oars,
             G                  C9    
The kill switch, and the key,
             G                                  C9
Grab the fishing gear, and the wakeboard,
      G                     C9     
The bait, and the lifejackets.


Verse 3: G, C9x2
             G                            C9
Caught a flathead, caught a whitening,
             G                    C9
Caught a bream, and a shark.
        G             C9   
Did a 180, did a 360,
            G                  C9
Did a back flip, and an indy.


Verse 4: G, C9x2
                      G                                         C9
Were packing up the wakeboard, and the fishing gear,
                  G                 C9
Cause my mate has to, go.
          G                      C9
Its 5oíclock, and his mums here,
              G                 C9  
She has to spoil the, fun.


Verse 5: G, C9x2
                   G                                C9
Were cooking the whitening, and cooking the flathead,
             G                 C9  
On my dadís new, BBQ.
                  G              C9
Watching the 360, and Indy,
         G                 C9
On my new, plasma screen.


Verse 6: G, C9x2
             G                    C9
Iím going to bed, at 6oíclock
             G                          C9
Because Iím tired, and buggered from.

Chorus: x3
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