Ryan Long – Send Up A Flare tab

			     Send Up A Flare - Ryan Long
Tabbed by: Ben "The Man" Muir
Email: dmben89@aim.com

Tuning: Standard

D: x	A#: x     C: x    Bb: x	   A: 0
     x            x          x           x	        0
     7            x         5           3          2
     7            8         5           3          2
     5            8         3           1          0
     x            6         x            x          0

Intro:e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------7-----------------------5-----------------------------------------|D|-----------7------- 8------------- 5---------------------------------------| x2A|-----5--5--5-------- 8-------3--3--3-----------------------------------------|E|------------------6--6-------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: D drivin' down the back roads A# itchy eyes, sleepy toes C Bb C from town, to town, to town i roam D half a nickel moon tonight A# spillin' coffee, runnin' lights C Bb C gasoline machine gotta get me home Bridge: Bb A Bb sometimes i tend to lose my way.... C gotta say... Chorus: D A# i will not try to escape C Bb C the plans that you've made for me D A# and if i'm losin' my way C Bb (hold) please send up a flare for me....for me
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