Ryan Schmidt - Going Dark tab

Album: Burning Bitter Years (2007)
Track 1
Going Dark is played in regular tuning, for referrence visit http://myspace.com/aboutschmidt

Intro 2x:
G    C    Em   D

G     C     Em
It’s Going Dark Now
G        C       G
When I’m all alone
G  C           Em
I kissed your picture
G             C        G
Like you were still my own

G          C    Em
I followed your footsteps,
G      C        G
With a trail of tears
G            C          Em
If you still want me to find you
G          C      G
I’ll say a little prayer

D                 Em
It’s not gonna be obvious
D             Em  
I’m sometimes hard to read
       C             D          G   C  Em  D
Like a book, written in Chinese

G             C             
Going dark now, 
Em              D          G  C  Em  D
darker than the ocean blue
G            C
Going dark now, 
Em           D
baby I love you

(Break Down)
G      Gsus
G      Gsus
D      C C D
G      Gsus
G      G sus

G  C  Em D

G    C     Em
It’s Going Dark Now
G            C          G
When the sun refuses to shine
G      C        Em
I read all your letters
G          C         G
Like you’d always be mine

G   C         Em
I heard your laughter
G     C      G
In my waking life
G                    C            Em
But there will be no happily ever after
G                       C             D(let ring)
Cause Happiness is only found with an eight-dollar movie ticket
G                C               D(let ring)
And love is only captured with a steel frame and a dying rose
G                C                        D
And love is just an endless sea, a sea of dreamers anyway
          G        C      Em    D
(A sea of dreamers anyway!)


G                     C
The lights are on but nobody’s home
Em           D
And I’m all alone.
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