Ryan Taylor Bliss - Til Then tab

Standard Tuning

  E5   B    A    E6   E
e 0    0    0    0    0
B 0    0    0    0    9
G 9    8    6    6    9
D 9    9    7    6    9
A 7    9    7    4    7
E x    7    5    x    x


E5                    B              A                   B                 E5
      suddenly, im in deep.  I wanna take you out and enjoy the traveler's sea

                                  B                     A
leave your bag and baby grab your keyes.  Tonight we'll own this town, look 
B                          E5
down, these are our streets.


             A    B  E5                   A  B         E5
you said you like my songs?  well you can take this one.
           A    B    E5 E6           A   B         E5
without it i'll be O.K.    Theyr all about you anyway

Solo thingy (bar the chords in the in the solo) E B A B Ee-------------------7------7----------------------------7B----9------9----------------------5-------7-------9----9G--9--9-9-9--9-9--8--8-8-8--8-8--6--6-6--8--8-8--9--9-9-9D---9--9---9--9----9--9---9--9----7--7----9--9----9--9--9A-7------7--------------------------------------7-------7E----------------7------7-------5-------7---------------x
listen to the song to lisen for strumming, and how many times to play each. but these are almost definately the right chords. gusteroardispatch@hotmail.com
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