Ryan Tedder - I Will Try tab



Tonight I sit awake and wonder 
I sit awake, I cannot fake the slumber 


Am G Ce-0------0---3--t-0-t--0h1h0--|b-1--1h3-----3--a-1-a---------|g-2-------------p---p---------|d-2---------------------------|a-0--------2------0-----------|e-----------------------------|
Am G Em Ce----------0---3--0-0-0---------|b---1--1h3-----3--0-1-1---------|g---2---------------------------|d-------------------------------|a-0----------2----2-0-0---------|e-------------------------------|
Am G C Called you late last night Am G just to see if you'd answer Em C to know you're alright Am G C I'm trying to show what I feel inside Am G F love I no longer can hide CHORUS: C G Am G C G Am So tonight... I sit awake and I try .... G C G Am G to count the minutes til the next time that you and I are together Am G Am I promise you that I will try I will try... Ooohhh... INTRO Am G C I cannot read your mind Am G Em C I'm asking you questions, and I wait for replies Am G Cadd9 Cadd9 If you would say the words I'm wanting you to say Em Em Am Am C these words will draw us nearer, I'm seeing things clearer F F and right now that try as I may to hold you tight Am G it's gonna be another lonely night CHORUS Am Am G I will try to be the one that you need G Em if you just reach out for me Em Am I will always be there C F I swear... *hits a really high note*
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