Lozenge Of Love chords with lyrics by Radiohead - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Radiohead – Lozenge Of Love chords


[Verse 1]
D/F# G Dsus2 G Dsus2 I am gone, everybody's raging
D/F# G Dsus2 G Dsus2And these fruits, they still taste of poison
[Chorus 1]
Am Am/B C Dsus2I won't be.... around
Am Am/B C Dsus2When you really need me
[Interlude] G Dsus2 4x G [Verse 2]
D/F# G Dsus2 G Dsus2 I can't sleep, why can't someone hold me?
D/F# G Dsus2 G Dsus2I need warmth, our restless body cracks and moans
[Chorus 2]
Am Am/B C Dsus2I won't have the strength
Am Am/B C Dsus2 DWhen you really need me
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