Ralph Mctell – Walk Into The Morning chords

[Verse 1]
C Dm F CNo money in my pocket but a cigarette in my mouth
C Am D7 G7No fixed destination cept some vague direction south
F G C Em AmBedroll on my shoulder a guitar for company
C G F CSome Woody Guthrie songs and the road in front of me
C G F C [Verse 2]
C Dm F CDidn't need to hear a freight train to know Sonny Terry's harp
C Am D7 G7Was an aching cry for freedom whistling in my dark
F G C Em AmA simple leap of faith that reason can't erode
C G F CGrabbed my coat and my guitar and headed for the road
C G F C [Verse 3]
C Dm F CAt night my coat a pillow, I lay memorising stars
C Am D7 G7Like some deserted lover my arm around my guitar
F G C Em AmPromises get broken, reason searches rhyme
C G F CConscience held to ransom, hostage to the road and time
C G F C [Verse 4]
C Dm F CBelow the lies of heaven a frightened world must spin
C Am D7 G7Discerning between things you're taught and what you learned within
F G C Em AmThe evening sky is fading to the colour of my jeans
C G F CI'm writing with my finger in the dust that falls from dreams
C G F C [Verse 5]
C Dm F CBeyond the endless night, I glimpsed infinity
C Am D7 G7I shivered at the joke until the rain soaked into me
F G C Em AmAnd woke me at the roadside just as the day was dawning
C G F CGrabbed my guitar and my coat and walked into the morning
C G F CGrabbed my guitar and my coat and walked into the morning
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