Randy Newman – Love Is Blind chords

[Verse 1]
C E7 Am C7They say that love’s a sweet thing
F A7 Dm C7And for lovers the sun will always shine
F D7/F#But in spite of what they say
G E7/G# AmI think of love this way
D7Love is bitter
G7Love is hopeless
C C7Love is blind
F G C C7I learned the hard and lonely way
F G C C7That love can’t last through the years
F D7/F# G E7/G# AmI spent a thousand empty yesterdays
D7 G7Hiding behind a veil of tears
[Verse 2]
C E7 Am C7Now poets may write about love
F A7 Dm C7And wise men may sing its praise
F D7/F#But I’ll always remember
G E7/G# AmAs I go through the empty days
D7Love is bitter
G7Love is hopeless
C E7 Am F AmLove is blind
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