Randy Newman – Make Them Hear You chords

Eb GmGo out and tell our story.
Ab Bb CmLet it echo far and wide.
Fm7 Bb7Make them hear you,
Bb/C Cm Bb/Ab AbMake them hear you.
Eb GmHow justice was our battle
Ab Bb CmAnd how justice was denied.
Fm7 Bb7Make them hear you,
Ebadd9 Bb/DMake them hear you.
Cm GmAnd say to those who blame us
Ab Bb Eb Bb/DFor the way we chose to fight
Cm GmThat sometimes there are battles
Ab Bb GThat are more than black or white...
Bb Eb GmAnd I could not put down my sword
Ab Bb CmWhen justice was my right.
Fm7 Bb B/D#Make them hear you.
E AbmGo out and tell our story
A B C#mTo your daughters and your sons.
F#m7 BMake them hear you,
B/C# C#m B/A AMake them hear you.
E AbmAnd tell them, in our struggle,
A B C#mWe were not the only ones.
F#m7 B7Make them hear you,
Eadd9 B/D#Make them hear you.
C#m AbmYour sword can be a sermon
A B E B/D#Or the power of the pen.
C#m AbmTeach every child to raise his voice
A B Ab BAnd then, my brothers, then
E AbmWill justice be demanded
A B C#mBy ten million righteous men.
F#m7 A/BMake them hear you.
C#m AbmWhen they hear you,
F#7 Am(add6)I'll be near you
B7sus4 E B/D# C#m E/B A B E A. . . gain.
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