Ringo Starr – Silent Homecoming chords

| D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |
| D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |

[Verse 1]
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |Patiently she stares down the runway
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |Today's the day that he is coming home
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 | Seems like he's been gone a life time
D D7sus4 | D5 D |And a life time is a long time to be gone
A D But there are songs that need singing
A7 D And there are things that must be done
F Fsus4 F Fsus4 There are thoughts that still need thinking
F Fsus4 | Asus4 | A | And there are wars that must be won (break)
[Verse 2]
D D7sus4 D5 D7sus4He was just a boy when they sent for him
D D7sus4 D5 D7sus4And overnight turned him into a man
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 | Proudly he had served his country
D D7sus4 | D5 D |In a war he didn't seem to understand
A D The flag still waves, his war is over
A7 D He'll never have to kill again
F Fsus4 F Fsus4 And as she waits, she thinks it over
F Fsus4 | Asus4 | A |Is winning worth the prize we pay to win? (break)
[Verse 3]
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 | Her thoughts keep wandering to his childhood
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |When all his hand grenades were merely toys
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |And "war" was just a game that he was playing
D D7sus4 | D5 D |With plastic guns like other little boys
A D And ev'ry day when play was over
A7 D He'd put his little toys away
F Fsus4 F Fsus4 And she'd be standing, waiting for him
F Fsus4 | Asus4 | A | The way she's waiting here today (break)
[Verse 4]
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 | As the plane stops she starts thinking
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |Will he still look the way he did before?
D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 | Or will his eyes reflect the pain of killing
D D7sus4 | D5 D |Like most young men when they come home from war?
A D These last few minutes seem like hours
A7 D She tries her best not to cry
F Fsus4 F Fsus4 But there's that hearse filled up with flowers
F Fsus4 | Asus4 | A | Did he really have to die?
| D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |No, no, no, no - no, no, no, no, no
| D D7sus4 | D5 D7sus4 |No, no, no - no, no
(repeat and fade)
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