Rosanne Cash – 50000 Watts chords

Ab FmIt's a hard road, but it fits your shoes
C# Ab EbSon of rhythm, brother of the blues
Ab FmThe sound of darkness, the pull of the yoke
C# EbEverything is broken and painted in smoke
C#But there's a light on Sunday, a new old desire
EbThe sound of the whistle 'cross radio wires
C# BbmLove in your future, I'll wait for you there
Eb AbWith 50,000 watts of common prayer
Fm Ab50,000 watts of common prayer
Fm Eb50,000 watts of common prayer
We'll be who we are and not who we were A sister to him, a brother to her We'll live like kings without any sin Redemption will come, just tune it on in But there's a light on Sunday...
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