Sacha Sacket - Maybe You Can Save Me From You chords

this is my first tab..hope you enjoy...
i use a capo on the third fret to fit my voice..

D ASometimes I lie awake
Em GDreaming of you, forming your taste.
D AThe moonlight swears you love me
Em G But the sunrise takes it away.
D A Could you whisper my name?
Em GUnder your breath could it sound the same?
D A'Cause I've been stuck in replay,
Em GThis light by my bed's been burning for days
D A Em Maybe yooooou can save me (from you)
-(rest of the song is played the same way)- I know I play the fool, The way that I look must embarass you. I can't keep the stars from the sky, The way that my truth's in love with the lie Should I try and forget how the wisps Of your hair get stuck in your mouth? How could I when I've had your stare, This trail of regret leading nowhere? Maybe you can save me (from you) Tell me you could love me too
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