Sade - Bring Me Home tab

			     Bring ME Home- Sade
Tabbed by:Stephen L. Gipson

Tuning:Standard Intro and Versee|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------5---5-----------4-----4----------4-----4----------5-----5-----------|D|-----7---7----7------7-----7-----7----6-----6------6---7-----7-----7-------|A|---7----7----7-----6-----6-----6----5-----5------5----7----7-----7---------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------5-----5---------2-----2----------4-----4----------5-----5------------|D|-----7-----7-----7---3-----3-----3----6-----6-----6----7-----7-----7--------|A|---7-----7-----7---3-----3-----3----5-----5-----5----7-----7-----7----------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Lyrics
The ground is full of broken stones. The last leaf has fallen. I have nowhere to turn now. Not East, not West, North or South. And all that's ahead of me. And everything I know. I know nothing so So bring me home. Put me on a plate with petals and a fire. And send me out to sea. Turn my angry sword against my heart. And let me free. The dawn holds the heaviness of the night. I've heard the restless sighs and lovers lies. The brook, the beach and seen the devil's eyes. So bring me home. I've cried for the lives I've lost. Like a child in need of love. I've been so close but far away from god. My tears flow like a child's in need of love. I've cried the tears. So let the tide take me. I won't fight. I've cried the tears. The small step i need to take is a mountain. Stretched out like a lazy dog. Send me to slaughter. Lay me on the railway line. I'm far away from god. My tears flow like a child's in need of love. I've cried the tears. So build the fire and light the flame. Bring me home.
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