Sade – Haunt Me tab

Title : Haunt Me
Artist : Sade
Album : Stronger Than Pride
Tabbed By : Jo Lefebure :

Note: I\'ve been looking for the tab to this song for years now and I kinda got
tired of it. Therefor I have decided to write a tab myself (my first one yay !)
There are two ways of playing this beautiful song.
First way : without a capo : Juggles around the Am chord
Second way : capo on 5th fret : this just sounds better if you\'re playing on a
folk guitar like I am and not on an acoustic guitar.
Tuning is normal (EBGDAE). You can find a list of the used chords at the bottom.
Let\'s get to it !

First way : without a capo :

Riff 1 : Intro and Verses

Am Am ???? Ab#5E|-------------5-|---------------------1--0---|--------0-----|B|-------1-------|-------1--0----------1----1-|--------1-----| REPEATG|-----2---------|-----2------2--1---1--------|-1---1------1-| 4D|---2-----------|---2-------------2----------|---2------2---| TIMESA|-0-----0--0----|-0-----0--------------------|--------------|E|---------------|----------------------------|--------------|
Riff 2 : Verses
Am Am Asus4/G Dsus4/BE|-------0-------|------------1--0---------3--|--------------|B|-------1----1--|-------1-------------3------|--------------|G|-----2----2----|-----2---2-----------0------|--------------|D|---2-----------|---2---------------2--------|-----0----2---|A|-0-------------|-0-----0---------0-----0----|---0--------0-|E|---------------|----------------------------|-3------3-----|
Some of this (probably most of it) isn\'t correct but it\'s the best I could do considering it\'s hard to with the piano going over the guitar. If anyone has any corrections please mail them to me.
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