Safetysuit – Get Around This chords ver. 2

E BYou and I, we had it all. I wonder why, I let it fall.
C#m AI don’t know why, I make this hard for you.
E BAnd if go, and get it back, apologize, for all I lack!
C#m AWould you be there to take this heart?
Would you do anything at all? CHORUS ———————————————————————
E Bsus4 BTake me back to yesterday, I swear it on your life,
C#m AI’ll stay on the short side, I’ll stay on the short side.
E Bsus4 BTake me back to yesterday, if you can forgive me,
C#m AI will stay by you only. Oh if, you can forget,
E Bsus4We can get around this. Get around this, get around this,
B C#m Aget around. We can get around this, get around this mess.
VERSE 2 ——————————————————————— No you can go. You can leave. I wouldn’t blame you for a thing! I acted like I never should. But I will stay, and I will bleed! Stand in the rain! I’m begging please! Cause I will be here for you. Yeah I will be here for you! CHORUS 2 BRIDGE ———————————————————————
E BSo hold on, baby don’t you leave me.
C#m APlease just hold on to me.
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